In these one-day events you play as a ‘consulting detective’ for the local constabulary. 12 secret locations around a town or city centre, some usually off-limits to the public, take part in the game.

Players collect their casefiles at any time in the morning from 10am-12pm and begin their adventure by following the threads of information – wherever they may take them.

The game takes approximately 2-3 hours to play with players free to complete it at any time until 4pm.

Although the game is designed for adults, trail sheets are provided for 4-8 year-olds that they can play alongside the main game.


Detective Inspector Ranney of the local constabulary has asked for your expertise with a difficult case. The disappearance of Professor Macclesbury, a university Professor who was researching hidden subterranean areas. The Professor was a well-connected man. With pressure coming down on the Inspector from the university and the local council and a pile of unsolved cases backlogged he’s brought you in to lend a hand. He’ll give you everything he’s got on the Professor in his case-file but the rest is up to you. Out of time and out of luck, he’s counting on you to help solve this mystery – but everything isn’t quite as it seems and a dark cloud of conspiracy hangs over the town. With twists and turns that include a thousand year-old legend and a mythical ancient treasure this is one adventure that you’ll never forget.


The year was 1867, while researching in the local library’s archives an inconspicuous local author came across a long forgotten text that seemed to speak of the supernatural. Very soon the three symbols from the manuscript started appearing around the city. After a week he had decoded it as some kind of ritual and their meanings as: truth, fire and death. Arriving at the scene the next day he was too late, an innocent woman was found murderer nearby.

Now, exactly 150 years later, it could be happened again. Having received a ominous video message Detective Ranney has once again enlisted your help with this new case. It’s been a week already and the race is on, with the author’s old notes and contemporary clues, you must solve the mystery of the Obeli and save the next victim before its too late.