You’ve received a mysterious handwritten invitation Vultisne Ludere? – Translated as Do you want to play?

A most dangerous game is afoot…

Step back with us into the Holmesian world of 1894 and you’ll find yourself in a puzzling crime-scene with a nefarious choice to make.

This is a play like no other, where the audience are part of the story and must themselves become detectives. You will need all of your wits about you as you explore the crime scene, unlock the puzzles, interrogate real witnesses and finally solve the mystery.

The devilish Professor Moriarty will pose one simple question to you: will you compete with the rest of the audience to guarantee your own life or will you cooperate with them to try to save everyone’s?

This is a game where you’ll be fighting not just for your life but for your very soul.

Hosted in the old Shoe Factory at St Mary’s Works, each performance will last approximately 90 minutes.

Victorian-era fancy dress is encouraged.

Please DO NOT use post-1900 technology, you’ll cause a scandal!

Not suitable for young children.

There are two premiere performances happening on Friday May 11th at 7pm and another at 9pm.